Get the Job Done Faster

Use top-of-the-line agricultural equipment

You depend on safe, effective and reliable agricultural machinery to get your job done. Barclay Mechanical Services Inc manufactures grain and seed carts, beet pilers, augers and stack conveyers. Count on us to customize any item. You can also take advantage of our custom metal fabrication services to bring your designs to life.

Dial 208-438-8108 to learn more about our agricultural machinery manufacturing.

We make farm equipment repair easy

Some of the equipment we can manufacture for you needs includes:

  • Barclay beet pilers
  • custom auger fabrication
  • Stack conveyors
  • Custom equipment manufacturing

You're already operating on a tight schedule. Now a piece of broken farm equipment is putting you behind. Thankfully, Barclay Mechanical Services Inc offers field repairs. You can count on us to fix:
  • Tractor trailers
  • Augers and elevators
  • Field implements
Whether it's in the field or at the dairy, if it's broken, we can fix it. Don't wait another day. Call the area's top repair technicians now.

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